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21 Years Young, Avid Learner

Hi Everyone

James Wallis, 21 years young. Born in Hertfordshire and brought up in a village close by. Highly motivated Student with a drive to learn.

Since September 2015 I have been studying Computer Science at the University of Portsmouth and am currently on a placement year as a Software Developer at IBM.

Previous to University and in addition to attending school/sixth-form, I had a job as a waiter at Martin's Pond and also as a maths/english instructor at a Kumon Centre in Berkhamsted.

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  • mail@james-wallis.com

My Work

I'm looking to expand my portfolio while I'm able to thrive.

Wallis Consultancy

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University Work

Below are my favourite two pieces of work from my first year.


I created BrickBreaker for a university programming competition in which I achieved first place. We were given a choice of two files containing basic code. From this I was able to create a full BrickBreaker game. Achieving first place was amazing as I had only started programming in python and at all in September.

Brick Breaker

Web Foundations

For my coursework I had to create a website which acted as an electronic portfolio for our work. It had to include my literature review marked up in HTML and a work log documenting what I had learned throughout the year. The website is coded semantically and is also responsive, and I have achieved a simple design with exceptional code quality. I achieved 90% in this coursework.

Web Foundations Website

My Web Foundations Website

My Resume

If you call failures experiments, you can put them in your resume and claim them as achievements.

My Education
2013 - Now

2015 - Now

Bachelors Degree - University of Portsmouth

Currently, I am working towards my degree in Computer Science at the University of Portsmouth. I am in my Second Year after finishing the first year with exceptional gradings. My first year at University was an amazing experience as I am finally studying something that interests me and thus am excelling at all coursework given to me.

University introduced me to Programming which in my own nerdy way, I fell in love with instantly. By the end of the first term I had participated in my first educational competition, something that I had never dreamed I would attempt. In addition to this competition I took part in a Google Hashcode to get further experience in my field. Although my team did not perform well, it showed me what I need to learn and inspired me to keep learning through the summer, starting walliswebdesign.com in the process.

2013 - 2015

Sixth Form - Ashlyns School

I attended the Sixth Form at Ashlyns School during the years 2013 to 2015. While here I studied IT, Government & Politics and History. I also did an Extended Project Qualification which saw me evaluate different ways to build a website, by getting someone to build it, building it yourself from scratch and learning the skills along the way, and then finally by using an online website builder.

The grades that I achieved are as follows:

  • ICT: A
  • EPQ: B
  • Gov & Pol: C
  • History: D
I thoroughly enjoyed my years and sixth form and am extremely proud of the grades that I came away with.

Before 2013

Previous Education - GCSE

Previous to Sixth Form and University, the only notable education is my GCSEs.

In English, Maths and ICT I achieved:

  • English Language: B
  • English Literature: C
  • Maths: A
  • ICT: Merit
In my other subjects I came away with the following grades:
  • History: A
  • Music: C
  • Science (Biology): B
  • Science (Chemistry): C
  • Science (Physics): C
  • Spanish: C

Work Experience
2010 - Now

2012 - Now

Waiter and Occasional KP - Martin's Pond

Martin's Pond is a small village pub but very popular for its fabulous food so it was a busy and challenging shift working as a waiter at all times. This job included running food and drinks and ensuring that all guests were happy which helped me to build my confidence and gain experience in building relationships with the guests - ensuring that customers enjoyed their experience in the restaurant was always my top priority. I also gained experience of dealing with a variety of guests - dealing with tricky situations at times. Whilst out front, using my customer skills, I excelled at selling raffle tickets for charity events that the restaurant supported. This led to me being asked on many occasions to sell them on my shift as I was seen as an effective salesman!

2010 - 2015

Instructor/Tutor - Kumon

Once a week after school, I worked with the local Kumon club. My duties included teaching and helping mostly Primary and First School children Mathematics and English. This job taught me to be organised as my other tasks included marking the children's work and also recording the work that they had completed during the week. I only had a 2 hour period to accomplish all my tasks meaning that efficiency was key.


School Work Experience - O2 Head Office (Slough)

School Work Experience at its head office in Slough. It lasted one week during which time I was given a task of making a presentation on the O2 project 'Think Big' which encouraged young people to become involved in technological advancement. I also learnt about how O2 stays online and how the backend (database) was set up. The week saw me meet lots of new people and interact with them in a professional, yet friendly way.

University Grades

These grades represent a first year of hard work at University.

I am always looking for ways to develop my skills, and then use them to accomplish my goals.


Programming (Double Unit)


Computer Architecture


Database Design and Development


Network Fundamentals


Web Foundations


Overall Grade (with correct weightings)


As I start my journey into the world of technology, I am learning something new regularily.

A blog is the perfect way to document this, and even to reflect back on one day.

Below is my most recent blog post.

First Post

Saturday 9th July 2016

Here lay a blog post.

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